… no need for a fancy bio to bullshit ya into checking us out …

we’re not “making waves in the scene” … we’re not “from the ashes”… we’re not “creating a sound for the generation”…

take ALL the band bio templates you find online and disregard them … what A REBEL FEW IS … is a straight ahead no nonsense Rock n Roll band!

If you dig music that you can be a part of … and a live show that ISN’T 4 guys staring at their shoes A REBEL FEW is for you!!

What lives in us, lives in you … together WE are A REBEL FEW

Tour Info

April 16th @ Maxwells Waterloo “As The Crow Flies” CD RELEASE w/ Forevertree & Gypsy Chief Goliath – more info

July 9th @ Maxwells Waterloo w/ Headstones – tickets

July 4th @ RumRunners (upstairs London Music Hall) w/ Texas Hippie Coalition – tickets

June 2015, A Rebel Few are in Texas with Sterling Winfield putting the finishing touches on the new album!
For highlights of the trip, video’s, pics etc; check on their individual experiences: SterlingRaposoMartinSpiersShortreed

Feb 21st @ Therapy Lounge, Brantford, with CounterWait!

Last month of 2014 is dedicated to recording at Capstone Music with Sterling Winfield

Chris Raposo

Guitar / Vocals

Barry Martin


Adam Shortreed


Chris Spiers




A REBEL FEW – Offers up honest music that you can become a part of. No nonsense,working class kick ass!



“An intensity overwhelms me when I’m in the front row of a Rebel Few live show that is caused by two things. The positive energy they give the crowd, and the kick ass music that these boys throw down. From lyrics to riffs to thundering drum lines, these DIRTbags have it mastered!”



A REBEL FEW :from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada is a four piece,high energy rock show!  With a solid “friend”base of “D.I.R.T.bags” known for their “D”-driven,”I”-integrity,”R”-respect and “T”-trust.



A REBEL FEW- took all the shit they DONT like about music and ignored it,..and then took all the things they DO like about music,..and they do THAT!